Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Zebra in Mexico?

Featured Destination:

This "zebra" has class and style!

Self-proclaimed as "jungle-chic," this hotel is definitely one to escape to.

"Ocean view" is often synonimous with spending more, but at La Zebra you not only get the view, you also get the ocean and the beach to go along with it, right outside your rustic little hut's door. Even better, it comes without sticker shock.

If the simple white walls and thoughts of laying in a hammock all day start to stir up feelings of cabin fever, never fear! Relaxing isn't the only thing available to do here. There are plenty of activities whether on-campus or nearby.

Foodies will delight in the property's restaurant and tequila bar, as authentic food and drinks are the stars.
Fresh squeezed lime ceviche, tender lamb slow cooked in banana leaves from the brick-lined BBQ pit, and a margherita made without mixers or heavy machinery. That's exactly what your palate can look forward to.
Salivating yet?

As for adventure-seekers, the hotel offers salsa lessons, and there are plenty of tours to take nearby such as fishing, kiteboarding, and scuba diving. The hotel is also only 7 km away from the Tulum Ruins.

Just one thought for caution: "jungle-chic" IS synonimous with rustic! The rooms do have electricity thanks to wind turbine technology, but if you need air conditioning, a tv, and the use of a hair dryer, then this is not the place for you. And yes, the mosquito netting draped around the bed is probably more functional than fashionable, but if you can let those luxuries go in order to get back to nature, make a reservation and pack your (preferably) carry-on size bag.

And if you're still not quite sold on La Zebra, check out their quick promo video, you'll swear you just felt a tropical breeze!

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  1. I almost stayed at La Zebra a few years ago. I can't remember why we didn't - maybe no availability with our late planning. The beach in Tulum though is for sure the most beautiful beach I've ever seen!